Hi, I'm Victor Blomberg

I’m a passionate designer, developer and self-improvement enthusiast currently building my small business around the world. Check out some of the landingpages I built.

Web developer

I love using code to build experiences for the web. I build my applications using Ruby on Rails, SASS and Javascript.


Understanding user experiences and building beautiful interfaces is something I am super passionate about.

Digital nomad

I'm a slow traveler that is highly focused on building my small business while experiencing the world.


I love going deep on interesting subjects that challenge my thinking and how I look at the world.

My products

I'm really passionate about every aspect of building a small business and random side projects. Starting from the idea phase, to coding and designing the the application. I love it all!


Interactive courses


Creative agency


Find affiliate products


Easiest way for swedish instructors to sell their online courses.

  • Healthy

    I'm currently focusing on eating clean healthy food and running multiple times a week.

  • Wealthy

    I invest in the stock market and have consistently saved 55% of my income for the last year.

  • Wise

    I’m constantly reading and trying to improve every aspect of my life. I'm currently trying to improve my focus with meditation.

My focus right now

I quit my job last year and now I'm currently focusing on creating great results for my agency Smartproduktion and improving myself.

Writing, learning, improving, and creating.

Let's Talk

I love to connect with awesome people

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